A Grundtvig Project

Project Brief

This project “Drama Connecting People” is about connecting adult educators, performing artists and the adults they work with, through intercultural participatory drama approaches. Experts, developing drama practitioners and newcomers working together will develop strong network working across five formal, non-formal and informal adult educational institutions from five countries. The participating European countries (UK, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania) have different historical, geographical, political, cultural backgrounds, but face some realities and challenges that are recognisably similar. In order to meet the specific local challenges in each respective country this project brings together an experienced international team of drama-practitioners with professionals already working with marginalised groups.  In order to ensure the sustainability of these working methods, we attempt to provide guidance and support to freelance adult educators and performing artists in developing specific entrepreneurial and team-working skills.

“Drama Connecting People’s” overall purpose is to promote well-being and social inclusion in Europe at the individual, community and societal levels by concentrating on the following actions:

1. Dissemination and further development of participatory drama methods across national and institutional borders

2. Cooperation between drama practitioners and other professionals working with differing marginalized groups and institutions

3. Development of skills/institutional support of freelance adult educators/performing artists.